Tourettes -Sur -Loup, the perfect place

Hi guys! Today, I’m going to share with you my holidays in Tourettes sur Loup wich is in the south of France (near Nice). It’s a bit special because the village where i stayed is perched in the mountains! And on the top, you can see the sea, other villages and mountains! That’s incredible!! So if you want to learn more of this place, read this article!

I stayed there for 2 weeks and I could visit a lot of cities and villages!

The first place I went was, of course, Tourettes Sur Loup. I did a village tour and went at the top to see the INCREDIBLE paranoma and took a lot of pics!! There was a lot of little art shops and galeries. The most type of art here was modern art and I loved seeing the different works of craftmens!

It was a super place for the summer vibes and calm. Well, it’s touristic, of course but quiet and relaxing with all the coffee shops and little terraces and some jazz concerts at night!

I went to Nice!! I always wanted to go there! The sea was soooo clear and different shapes of blue! It was really windy but sunny, the perfect match! So we ate in Corsica restaurant and it was extreamly good and the personal really friendly (if you live in Nice and you want to eat really well, check the end of the article, i will write you the bests adresses).

We walked on the « Promenade Des Anglais » wich is a little bit long… but it was really agreable walkin’ there with the sound of waves! We did a tour in the center where are a lot of shops!
Vence! We visited Vence wich is a really charmed and famous town in this region for the historic monuments. I went to the museum of the town wich is really cheap and i advice you to go there if you visit Vence! We wanted to go to the famous Matisse chapel but it was close… but couldn’t be sad because we really appreciated the town.

Saint Paul de Vence is an another perched village wich is so pretty. We ate fresh and watched a bowling part. We did a tour and visited some galeries. We didn’t stay a lot there because it was really hot!

We went to Antibes two times: one for the beach and an ice cream and a second time for a visit! The beach there is omg perfect!!!! The sand is white and thin and the sea is warm!!

The second time, we visited the city and the center is sooooo cute! There are shops, coffee shops and it smells the sea.

Grasse. Grasse is really popular because it’s the city of the parfume. I bought two there!! There are three principal brands there and you can visit the factories! There is a museum and the streets are small and cute 🙂 There are a lot places with only restaurants and bulding in differnt colours!

Gourdon. I went to a village called Gourdon which is a magic place. You’re so high there and you can see a panorama which is absolutely amazing and unique. It’s small but there is a coffee shop, some art galleries and some sweets shops. Really cute and sympatic to visit!

The other days we chilled at home and in the pool of course!!!


here are some restaurants or activities wich are great and if you go there one day you must go there!!

  1. FunTrip (it’s for canyoning or walks-and i wrote an article about it, so go read it if you are interested!) Fun Trip is in a little village called Pont Du Loup
  2. Confiserie Florian : it’s a sweets and chocolates factory!!! A big shop, a museum and the visit of the factory! It’s really interesting and good too!
  3. « L’Octopussy » wich is a restaurant at Nice!! nice job and food!

    So that’s it for today’s article! Hope you enjoyed it! I loved writing it and remember these places!!!!

    Here some pictures of the trip:

 bye love you 🙂


canyoning, a magic sport

Hi everyone!! Today, I’m gonna talk about a sport I tried during summer break which I loved

It’s called canyoning and the objective is to explore, discover a incredible place in the canyons. You’re in the river and you do a « walk » if i can say but with a group and of course a professional who will guide you and help you and explain you how to cross the barriers, the piers, to jump from big and high rocks, and sometimes… it can be a bit scary and stressful!! 

I just loved discovering this place you can’t see anywhere!! It’s impressive and you see that the nature is the chief here and she resumed her laws!!

I loved this place except for the temperature of the water (14 degrees 😅), it’s a bit cold but you have of course a special outfit to be resistant.

This sport is not only exploration, it’s a real sport! First, you walk in the forest in bodysuit to arrive at the river with your bag pack. And you walk speed! You put your special outfit on and then you follow your guider and his instructions and rules! Really important if you don’t want to fell or to break a leg! Sometimes, it’s dangerous so you don’t have to be stressed or it will be harder!!

But I had so much fun and pleasure! At the beginning I was scared to jump high, and now it’s a formality! I had some difficulties but I learned them and now I know how to do this course!!

Oh, and the people are sooooooo friendly omg! It was a great moment that i will never forget!! So if you have an opportunity to do this sport because of the place, go and do it! You won’t regret! Believe me!!

That’s it for today’s article! I hope you liked it and if yes, don’t forget to folles my blog! Love you! Bye

4 destinations, 4 dreams…

Hi guys!! Today, I’m going to share with you THE 4 destinations, my 4 dream destinations!!

1. New York City 

The first destination that I ABSOLUTELY want to go is New York City. New York is for me a dream since I’m 10 years old. I would like to visit this famous city because there are so much things to see!! Historic things of couses but there is a different art too, a different life style.

For me, NYC is nice because so much different styles (music, clothes, food…) were born in this city!

There are so much popular museums I want to discover (the Moma for example)! I would like to see the population, speak english and take a bit of the great accent! So yeah, New Yoks has so many interesting things to show!

But i can’t hide you that I want to do shopping there!! There are so much brands you 

And of course so much of artists I listen live there!! So I would like to go to concerts or events!

2. Los Angeles

Los Angeles because it’s so popular for the cinema, the atmosphere, the famous people who live there…  And I don’t know you but I love the name of this city because it means: « The Angels » (it’s from spanish).

It will be so cool to live there just for the weather! It’s always sunny and the sky is blue almost the whole year!! Omg the paradise… And in plus Hollywood is so near!

3. Stockholm 

Stockholm because I love Sweden!! I don’t know but the people seem so nice and the language is so original! For me it’s the country of innovations, the country where everything is possible! Okay, it’s a bit cold but the summer exists!

And i would like to there for the panorama… OMG

And I would like to discover the food specialities and see the school system, apparently it’s intelligent, different and great!

4. Montréal 

I’d like to go to Montréal (in winter if it’s possible). Why in winter? Because i love the snow, and there… there is… a lot!!! But the problem is that it’s a little bit cold!!! but it’s a magic place and i heard that the people were really friendly.

And a super thing is that people speak french with a cool and strange accent! Sometimes it can be difficult to understand everything but personally, it’s okay!

I hope you liked this article!! If yes, leave a comment and I would like to know what are your destinations dreams, so leave a comment down below!! Byeee

Today, I’m your guider!

FullSizeRenderHi guys, I know I know, I wasn’t really active on my blog but I had too much studying but the school year is almost finish, so I will get more time for writing here.

So today I come back with a new article about my favorite city wich is Paris. Maybe you don’t know but I was born in Paris and I live there too. So, I know some cool things about this famous city. Let’s start with the monuments you need to visit if you come to Paris.

The first thing is naturally the Eiffel Tower! Who went to Paris and didn’t see the Eiffel Tower? It’s THE monument. It’s the mirror of Paris. It was built by Gustave Eiffel for an exposition. She measures more than 300 meters! And at night, at every single hour, she lights during 5 minutes! It’s more beautiful for Christmas time because there are may colors. You can take an elevator or take the stairs and see the beautiful view (360°!). There are shops in the different floors and many gastronomic restaurant.

The second thing you must visit or just take a selfie of is the impressive Cathédrale Notre-Dame. Notre-Dame de Paris is one of the magnificent things in Paris. The monument took two centuries to be finish! Waw! So much builders, no machines, only human hands. When you think about the time it took and the number of the builders, it’s incredible. So, if you can go there, go visit it: the exterior and interior too!

Les Quais de La Seine!! Paris is really popular for La Seine! This river is really big and, at summer, a long false beach is installed. Of course, you can’t swim in the River but there is real sand, bikinis, sun, deckchairs and games for children!

The Louvre of course! You need to go to the Louvre wich is so popular! If you want to see the Joconde by Léonard de Vinci, the address is the good one. It’s the palace of the history and culture. No way, it’s one of the most popular monument of this city. There are two more museums I really liked: Beaubourg and La Cité Des Sciences, wich are fun museums. I said fun because some are a bit boring bust these are really really cool!

It’s boring, only history or evidences, a little bit of fun please! Okay, let’s do some shopping! Personally, I LOVE shopping! And you? Leave a comment below! So, for good shopping you can start with Galeries Lafayette, it’s the legend of the shopping in Paris! Go on Rivoli street too! Only shops or coffee shops! You can go to Châtelet Les Halles or Printemps wich is a big big clothing shop too. Oh, I forgot the Champs Elysées! The must of the must! A lot of chic shops and others normal! It’s a great and log street. There are too much of shopping centers or shopping streets but these are the most popular and big.

Are you hungry? Follow me, I can help you for yours choices. Of course, I’m not Tripadvisor  but if search something quick to eat, there are a lot of shops/bars for good sandwiches or coffeeshops (like Starbucks for example). or if you want a good french restaurant, there are literally everywhere! And for a dessert, go buy a Bertillon ice cream! There are the best of the world!

So that’s all for today but I really liked writing this article and speak about my favorite city. Of course, I didn’t quote every monument because there are so much but I just wrote my favorites and the legends. It’s my view of the city but you have yours! For me, Paris is an historic, fun, mysterious, lovely and sympatic city! And believe me, Parisians people are cool and friendly! And if you come to Paris, don’t forget your camera!!

Badminton, favorite sport

Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about the badminton which is my F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E sport ever. It’s only my second year but I’m in love with this sport. I play it three times a week (around 5 hours) and I’m never bored.

This sport came from Asia. They are the stronger at this sport in the hole world. But in Europe, the Danemark is at the first place.

This sport is really interesting because it’s a mixed sport. Girls and men can play together and I think that it’s really cool because anyone is better than the other. Girls and men are equal.

You can play by team (2 people), and these people can be 2 men or 2 women or 1 woman and 1 man.

Or you can play normally 1 against 1. But here you have to play with a woman if you are one or with a man if you are a man.

One last thing I really like about this sport is that the mentality is so nice! You don’t play just for the money but for fun!!

I hope you enjoyed this article ! Sorry because it’s a bit short but it’s difficult to explain that. But if you are convinced by this article don’t hesitate to subscribe to this sport! For me this sport is like a drug 😂, I love it soooooo much!!!

Bye ❤

Under the dome, great series

Under the dome is a series I discovered this summer. It’s just amazing! It’s a thriller and fiction series and it’s comport 4 seasons.

Here a little abstract:

The story is about a town called Chester’s Mill in America. One day, a misterious dome lend on the town. Anyone can enter and anyone can escape. The inhabitants has to live and survive under the dome. In the series you’ll can follow some characters in this story. Some will find love and some will find the death. If you are curious go watch it!!

My favorite character is Julia Shumay because she is very courageous, she is very helpful, (really beautiful 🙂  and clever!!

The series is very special: If you are scared about strange things, aliens or something like that this series is not for you! But if you really like fiction series, adventure, love, I think you will like this.


Here the trailer:

I hope you enjoyed this article!! Bye :))

Sevilla, a nice city

  • In my last holidays, I went to Sevilla which is in Espagna with my family. When we were in the airplane, I dreamt all the time because of all the lights of the cities, the clouds and the big and white moon.
  • When I arrived in the city it was so beautiful but a bit late (2am) but it was so nice to see the houses, the gardens…
  • The hotel impressed me. And the people were so nice with us!! We had a little appartement which is so useful and pretty. A traditional, simple and nice decoration. I felt so so good when I entered in the room!
  • In the journey, we visited the « old Sevilla » which has a lot of little and close streets with cafes and restaurants. I just would like to precise that I never drank a better hit chocolate!!! We sat in on the terrasse and admire the place. We saw flamenco shops because this dance is the traditional dance of the country and the city. Long dresses with a lot of different colors. Special! :). We went to the principal place of Sevilla and take pictures of the church which is soooo big and beautiful !!! A lot of story in this part of Sevilla. It’s so interesting to know the past of the city and visit all the places. We did a break to eat in an Spanish restaurant and tasted a lot of meals which were so good! And it was funny to speak in Spanish and in English with the servers! After that we continued to walk and go back to the hotel to relax.
  • The next days, we walked a lot too: we did shopping, took a little Starbucks hehe and watched a flamenco show!! It’s so speed and original : people sing, dance and play an instrument! It’s really speed and complicated !! Really good jobs from the dancers!!!
  • Some days were really hot and shiny but some were rainy but no problem, in this case : museum ! We visited the art museum which wasn’t so boring but really original! Great visit!
  • We were on « Espana place » which is very popular. It’s colorful, there is a little river with ducks and orange fishes. In the center, you can see a fabulous fountain with a impressionnant size ! All around the place, you can see benches with a different city/town of the country with a different story.
  • Another thing we visited was: the traditional gardens which are so incredible!!! A lot of plants, long trees and a imposant building wehre you can climb and see the beautiful view!
  • Oh! I forgot to mention that the ice creams are SO yummy ! All the parfumes you want!!
  • We visited a thing really strange and funny: it’s the bigger built of timber of the hole world! It’s called Metropol Parasol; I love it!
  • One more thing we did: we saw the Real Alcazar palaces which are enormous and elegant! You can dive into the past of the people who lived here and it’s really fun to think like that.
  • So yay that was for my SUPER and CRAZY trip!!! I really invite you to (if you have the occasion) to visit this city which has a magic athmosphere!

Byeeeee and please like the article if you enjoyed it and tell me in the comments what is your favorite trip you did in your life. ❤

Here some of memories of the trip:




















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